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California Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form REG 260)

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California Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form REG 260)

Updated June 02, 2022

A California vehicle power of attorney can be used for appointing an agent to represent the principal with transactions involving the Department of Motor Vehicles, including transferring title. In order for this form to be effective, it must be notarized with the owner of the vehicle.

DMV Locations – Where to register and obtain a title for a vehicle.

Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form REG-135) – For the purchase and sale of a motor vehicle.

How to Write

1 – Organize The Form And Reference Material

The buttons underneath the file preview will each allow you to open or download the appropriate form. Make sure you have all the vehicle information and the correct Name of each individual prepared.

2 – Identify The Concerned Vehicle

The first item that requires attention will be a table meant to display identifying facts regarding the Vehicle this document concerns itself with. Use this table to enter the VIN in the “Identification Number” cell, the Year Model the car was made in the second cell, the Make of the Vehicle in the third cell, the Vehicle’s License Plate Number in the fourth cell, and the Vehicle’s Engine Number in the last cell.

3 – Document The Full Name Of Each Principal

Next, two blank lines will be provided so that you may report the full Name of one or two Principals (i.e. Vehicle Owners). The Principal is the entity giving the Power of Authority to another party regarding a Vehicle currently that he or she has power over.

4 – Name The Agent

Locate the words “appoint.” On the blank space below this print the name of the person who will be granted the power of authority over this Vehicle on the blank space provided.

5 – Verify Authenticity Of Document

Below the bold statement beginning with the words “I certify…” each Principal granting Authority over this vehicle must sign his or her Name on the blank line above the words “Signature Required By Person Appointing Power of Attorney.” The rest of this line must be composed of the Signature Party’s City, State, and Zip Code along with the Date of Signature and DL, ID, or Dealer Number (i.e. Driver’s License).