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California Power of Attorney Forms

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California Power of Attorney Forms can be used to grant certain powers to a trusted friend or relative in the event the person granting the powers, or principal, is unable or unavailable to act when required. The person acting on behalf of the principal, otherwise known as the agent, is expected to make all decisions in the best interest of the principal. The document can specify broad or narrow powers. Additionally, it can be tailored to be in effect for a long period of time or a short period of time.

Signature – All forms should comply with § 4121 of the California Probate Code and must be signed with at least two (2) witnesses (in accordance with § 4122) or a Notary acknowledgment.


Durable Power of Attorney – Is meant to allow an agent to act on behalf of the principal in specified instances. The powers are considered “durable” because they continue or go into effect when the principal is in such a position that he or she cannot make determinations in his or her best interest.

General Power of Attorney – Allows an individual to give certain powers to a friend or relative in order to handle certain situations on behalf of the individual. In the event the individual experiences a time when he or she is no longer able to make cogent decisions, this form will become void.

Limited Power of Attorney – This form is meant to take into account certain limited situations where a principal needs to have an agent act for him or her.

Medical Power of Attorney (Advanced Health Care Directive) – This document allows a person to choose someone whom they deem trustworthy to make health decisions on their behalf in the event that the principal is unable to do so.

Parental (Minor Children) Power of Attorney – This form permits a parent to grant the power to a temporary guardian to make decisions on behalf of their children in case the parent has to be away from the children for a period of time and therefore unable to make everyday decisions for them.

Real Estate Power of Attorney – For the sale, management, or purchasing of real property on behalf of someone else.

Revocation of Power of Attorney – This form is used when a person of sound mind seeks to revoke a power of attorney they may have created in the past.

Tax Power of Attorney – This form is used when a person seeks to have someone else represent them in matters involving the California Tax Service Center.

  • Download: Adobe PDF
  • Signing Requirements: Principal Only

Vehicle Power of Attorney – This form is helpful in the event someone needs to have a representative handle matters with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Download: Adobe PDF
  • Signing Requirements: Principal Only

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