North Dakota Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Create an official, attorney-reviewed document

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Updated April 14, 2023

A North Dakota real estate power of attorney form is a document that a principal can use to appoint an agent to carry out decisions and tasks related to real estate on their behalf. Once the principal signs this document, it will become written permission for the agent to carry out any of the duties expected and to fulfill the principal’s responsibility regarding real property. Whatever actions the agent may take on behalf of the principal will have to be defined within this document. Thus, a comprehensive review by the principal along with his or her participation will be required to complete this paperwork.

After this form is completed, it may require the notarized and dated signature of the principal issuing these powers. The principal may revoke the document at any point with a written notice that is properly served to the agent.


  • StatutesChapter 30.1-30: Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act
  • Signing Requirements (NDCC, 30.1-30-01) – No specific requirements are mentioned within North Dakota’s Century Code. However, it is recommended it be witnessed or notarized.  Principals and their attorneys-in-fact that wish to record instruments affecting real property with a local court or registry must have the document notarized per NDCC, 47-19-03.