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North Dakota Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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North Dakota Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 02, 2022

A North Dakota vehicle power of attorney form is utilized to convey a vehicle owner’s authority to make decisions related to the vehicle to an agent. This paperwork will entitle the agent to manage issues involving motor vehicles in North Dakota. For instance, an agent can use this to obtain a title or a registration for the Vehicle on behalf of its owner. If prepared correctly, this form may be submitted to the North Dakota Department of Transportation thereby, allowing an agent to perform such actions with an owner’s vehicle with the same authority the vehicle owner carries.

How to Write

1 – The Document Required To Appoint Power Over A Motor Vehicle Is Obtainable Here

The wording to delegate Principal Vehicle Owner Authority to a designated Attorney-in-Fact is provided through the downloadable document available on this page. Use the button below the preview image to obtain a workable copy.

2 – Bring The Vehicle To An Inspection Station To Report Its Information

The second page should be filled out by a qualified technician (i.e. a mechanic). This party will detail such items as the address of the inspection, the specifics about the Vehicle (Year, Make, Model, Style, VIN, and Odometer), a report any existing mechanical problems, a verification of the Owner’s Identity, and his or her own credentials. Execute this document only after this task has been completed.

3 – Supply The First Paragraph With The Vehicle Owner And Designee’s Information

The introduction on the first page contains two available lines each requesting information. Report the Name of the Vehicle Owner on the first blank line. Make sure this is the Full Legal Name of the Vehicle Owner regardless of whether it is an individual or a business entity. The second available line requests the Attorney-in-Fact’s Name. This is the party who will be designated with the same Authority to make decisions and take actions with the Vehicle as the Vehicle Owner.

4 – The Principal Must Supply A Notarized Signature And Self-Report

The blank line at the end of the paragraph statement on this page, labeled “Duly Authorized Officer Of Company Or Individual” will require the Signature of the individual delivering Principal Power to the Attorney-in-Fact. In some cases, the Vehicle Owner is a Company thus requiring an Authorized Signature Representative to satisfy this requirement. If the Vehicle Owner is an individual then he or she should locate the bold word “Note” then, in the statement adjacent to it, supply his or her Birth Date and Social Security Number in the using the available spaces after “Date Of Birth” and “Social Security Number.”If the Vehicle Owner is a Company or Business Entity, then its Federal Entity Identification Number should be reported on the blank line in the statement starting with “If This Power Of Attorney Is In A Company Name…”A Notary Public will be needed to fill out the section below the words “State Of North Carolina”