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Oklahoma Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

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Oklahoma Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form provides a way in which you (as the principal) can appoint a representative to handle your financial affairs if you are unable to do so yourself. Usually, the principal issuing such paperwork will prefer to elect his or her spouse, relative, a trusted friend of the family, or qualified professional. Whoever the principal chooses, an effort should be made to verify that this agent has a reliable reputation; after all, the elected agent will have the authority to handle the principal’s assets and property. This paperwork will enable the principal to quickly identify the powers he or she wishes to grant the agent, define when such powers are available, and solidify the basic terms set by law for the benefit of both parties.

Laws§ 58-1072.2

Medical Power of Attorney – A durable power of attorney that enables your agent to legally represent you in making healthcare decisions.

How to Write

1 – Download This Oklahoma Delegation of Authority

The Power Template here can be readily downloaded by selecting any of the three file format choices presented below the image.

2 – An Official Declaration Of Principal Intent Will Require Basic Information

In order for the Principal to grant any kind of Principal Power or Principal Authority to an Agent, he or she will need to formally declare the intent to do so. This basic requirement will be satisfied with the first paragraph of this paperwork. Naturally, each concerned party involved with this appointment of Power must be adequately defined. Fill in the Full Name and Address of the Principal on the first blank line (preceding the label “Insert Your Name And Address”).

On the second blank line, just before the label “Insert The Name And Address Of The Person Appointed, “document the Name and Address of the Agent being appointed with Principal Authority through this document

3 – The Principal Must Indicate By Approval Each Class Of Principal Authority To Assign The Agent

In addition to formally declaring his or her intent to delegate Power to the Agent, he or she must also document what type of Principal Power. A list of Power Classifications has been furnished for this goal to be reached easily. The Power to conduct any of the affairs presented here will not be granted by default. That is, the Principal will need to physically initial the blank line preceding each Power listing in order to approve and grant it to the Agent. Each classification of Principal Power that bears the initials of the Principal will be included in the Agent’s authorized behavior. The Agent will not have Principal Approval to conduct affairs in any item that is not initialed. Thus, if the Principal wishes the Agent to have the Power to conduct only Real Estate Transactions, Tangible Personal Property Transaction, and Banking Transactions he or she should initial the blank lines corresponding to list items “(A),” “(B),” and “(E).” If the Principal wishes to grant the Agent the Authority to wield Principal Powers in all these areas, he or she only needs to initial the blank line labeled “(N).”

4 – Any Relevant Additional Principal Instructions Need To Be Stated Before Execution

Each of the types of Powers presented above will grant a broad scope of Powers to the Agent in that area. If the Principal wishes to place a limit on the Agent’s Behavior or allow any additional considerations, extend Powers, or deliver instructions then, it may be reported on the blank lines under “Special Instructions.” For instance, the Principal may approve the Attorney-in-Fact the ability to conduct Real Estate Transactions, Tangible Property Transactions, and Banking Transactions but wishes these Powers to apply in relation to only one specific Property or one type of Property. Any Principal instruction reported here should be spelled out as specifically as possible. If more room is required, you may produce an attachment that is properly labeled and dated then include it with this paperwork at the time of signing. Note: By default, all Principal Powers delivered here will be done so upon the Principal Signing. If the Principal has a different Date of Effect in mind, it should be noted in any instructions he or she provides.

5 – Indicate The Principal’s Determination On The Durability Of These Powers

If this paperwork should remain in effect even with the Principal being declared incompetent, disabled, or otherwise incapacitated to the point of being unable to make his or her decisions, this will be the case as a default of this paperwork’s terms. If the Principal wishes the Powers here to terminate immediately upon such a diagnosis, then strike through or delete the statement “This Power Of Attorney Will Continue To Be Effective Though I become Disabled, Incapacitated, Or Incompetent” located below the “Special Instructions” section

6 – This Document’s Proper Execution Will Substantiate The Principal Intent To Delegate Power

The statutes in this paperwork will execute upon the Principal’s actions. He or she must date his or her Signature by filling out the Calendar Day, Month, and Year on the first, second, and third blank lines labeled “Signed This”

After producing the Signature Date, the Principal must sign the “Your Signature” line below it. Then, document his or her Social Security Number under the Signature.

The Notary Public obtained to oversee and notarize the Principal Signing will notarize this document by supplying the remainder of this page with its requested items.