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Oklahoma Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Oklahoma Limited Power of Attorney Form allows a principal to designate another to act as his or her representative in a limited instance – usually a transaction or specified time period. It is important to clarify exactly the type of limited purpose you want it used for so that there is no confusion as to what you have asked your representative to do.

How to Write

1 – The Recommended Paperwork To Assign Limited Powers Is Downloadable

The document presented on this page shall enable a Principal to delegate the Limited Powers that can be bestowed an Agent under Oklahoma’s Unclaimed Property Laws. You may gain access to this template by downloading it through the buttons on this page. You may obtain a PDF, Word, or ODT version of this paperwork at your discretion.

2 – Supplement The Template With The Necessary Information

The language set forth here will furnish the required structure to clearly identify all the parties involved. Locate the bracketed label “[Full Legal Name]” then, present the Name of the Principal as it appears on the books with the state.

Follow this through, by recording the Title the Principal holds where he or she works on the second blank line and the Name of the Principal’s Business or place of Employment on the third blank line. The Principal report will conclude with the Address of the Principal’s Business on the fourth blank space. Once, the Principal and Principal Business has been documented, the Agent who will receive Principal Authority here must be solidified in this declaration statement. Begin with the blank line preceding the bracketed label “[Agent’s Name]” by entering the Agent’s Full Name. Then, supply the Agent’s Legal Address using the area preceding the label “[Agent’s Full Address]”

3 – This Paperwork Is Only Set In Motion By The Principal Act Of Signing

The Grantor of Limited Power here must enter his or her Date of Signature using the blank spaces labeled “Dated” near the bottom of the page. The Principal or Authorized Signature Party (of a Business Entity) must sign his or her Name on the line directly under the words “Your Signature.”If the Principal or Signature Party holds a Title, it should be recorded on the next blank line. Finally, Print the Principal’s Name on the “Principal’s Name” line at the bottom of this page.

The second page of this document will supply the Notary Public with an area where the Principal Signing may be officially notarized.