Oklahoma Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

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Oklahoma Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is executed when an agent must be elected to handle a principal property owner’s real property. The principal’s attention will be mandatory for this paperwork to be completed as only he or she has the authority to approve the agent’s principal powers. Before filling out this document, the principal must verify the agent is willing to provide necessary duties to care for or transact business pertaining to the principal’s real estate (or a portion thereof). This document will provide the written permission required for the agent to oversee the actions and transactions the principal wishes the agent to engage in. Once these parties execute this document, the agent must care for the property in the manner defined within its contents. This document will require a notary acknowledgment. This document may be revoked in writing at any time with a written notice that is properly served to the agent.

Laws – § 58-1072.1

How to Write

1 – Download This Paperwork To Administer Principal Real Estate Powers To An Agent

This page shall provide a preview image along with a method to obtain this template. Locate and select one the buttons labeled PDF, Word, and ODT.

2 – Establish The Identity Of Each Person Directly Involved

Present the Principal’s Legal Full Name, Street Address, City, and State across the four blank lines at the beginning of this document. The Address must be the Physical Residence of the Principal and each of its components must be furnished in its appropriate area. The four spaces supplied after the words “Hereby Appoint” focus on the Agent or Attorney-in-Fact the Principal is granting his or her Authority to. Use these blank lines to supply the Attorney-in-Fact’s Legal Name, Street Address, City, and State by entering the information each one requests.

3 – Only The Principal Can Arm The Agent With Principal Authority

“Article I. Assignment Of Authority” presents four paragraph statements the Principal will need to review. When one of these paragraph statements contains a definition of actions the Attorney-in-Fact should be authorized to engage in on behalf of the Principal, then it should be approved to apply to the Agent’s Principal Powers. For it to apply it will need to have several items. It will need the Legal Address the Agent may work with entered on the first blank line in the paragraph, its Legal Description supplied on the second blank line, the corresponding checkbox marked, and the blank line preceding the entire paragraph initialed by the Principal.

The first item on this list “Sale Of Real Estate” places any action associated with the selling Real Estate to an Agent with Principal Power. If the Principal requires the Agent to conduct this kind of business, then present the Legal Address and Description on the two blank lines following the words “…Premises Located At” and “Legal Description Of.” The Principal must checkmark the box preceding the paragraph label and initial the corresponding blank line.

The next item, “Purchase Of Real Estate,” allows the Agent to buy real estate in his or her Name and conduct any of the affairs defined within its contents on behalf of the Principal when the Principal initials it. In order for this paragraph to apply correctly, it must also be check marked and have the Legal Address and Legal Description of the concerned Property

The third paragraph, “Management Of Real Estate,” provides the tool the Principal requires to give the Agent the right to manage Real Estate on behalf of the Principal. This paragraph will only apply if the Legal Address and Legal Description the Agent may manage in the Principal’s Name and it bears the Principal’s initials and checkmark.

The final paragraph here will name “Refinancing” and all its associated actions within the scope of the Agent’s Principal Powers. The Legal Address, as well as the Legal Description, of the Real Estate the Agent may Refinance using the Name of the Principal must be supplied on the first and second blank lines (respectively). The Principal Power to refinance will only be granted when the Principal checks the corresponding checkbox and initials the blank line preceding this description.

4 – The Termination Of This Paperwork’s Effect Needs Definition

Next, in “Article III. Term,” the Principal must define how the Powers delivered in this document must expire or terminate. He or she will need to indicate the method by which this document will terminate by initialing the statement that accurately describes termination.

If the Principal has decided these Powers should terminate upon the desired Calendar Date then, he or she should initial the first statement in this section, mark the appropriate checkbox, then report the intended Date of Termination on the blank lines provided in this statement. To set the Powers here to terminate as soon as the Principal is diagnosed as incapable, revokes this document, or dies, the Principal will have to initial the second statement the Powers defined here should be considered durable and remain in effect regardless of the Principal’s health or status, the third statement must be initialed, and check marked.

5 – The Principal’s Executing Signature Must Be Presented At The End Of This Document

“Article VI. Revocation” will conclude this document by requiring the Principal Signature as a proving tool of his or her intentions. He or she should begin satisfying this section’s requirements by supplying the last statement with the Signature Date across the three blank lines. This is the Date the Principal will formally execute this document by signing it.

The line beginning with the words “Principal’s Signature” must be signed by the Principal. He or she must then print his or her Name on the adjacent blank line. The Agent’s direct participation will also be required by this section. Here, the Agent must locate the blank line labeled “Agent’s Signature” and print his or her Name on the “Print Name” line next to it. Since the Principal signing must be Witnessed, two Affirmation Statements have been supplied so that each Witness can easily confirm that he or she has viewed the Principal Signing. Each statement “Witness Affirmation By Witness 1” and “Witness Affirmation By Witness 2” will require the Legal Name of one of the Witnesses supplied on the blank line within it. Each Witness will be required to sign and Print his or her Name on the blank lines under the statement where his or her Name appears.

This signing will also need to be Notarized, hence the “Notary Acknowledgement” will provide an area for the Notary Public to provide the required notarization. The final area of this document, “Acceptance By Agent,” which will verify the Agent’s understanding and acceptance of the requirements placed upon his or her through this document. He or she will need to provide his or her Signature and Printed Name on the blank lines provided here.