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Oklahoma Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

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Oklahoma Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

An Oklahoma real estate power of attorney form is a document used to elect an agent to handle a principal property owner’s real property. The principal’s attention will be mandatory for this paperwork to be completed as only he or she has the authority to approve the agent’s principal powers. Before filling out this document, the principal must verify the agent is willing to provide necessary duties to care for or transact business pertaining to the principal’s real estate (or a portion thereof).

This document will provide the written permission required for the agent to oversee the actions and transactions the principal wishes the agent to engage in. Once these parties execute this document, the agent must care for the property in the manner defined within its contents. This document will require a notary acknowledgment. This document may be revoked in writing at any time with a written notice that is properly served to the agent.