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Oklahoma (Unclaimed Property) Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 02, 2022

An Oklahoma (unclaimed property) limited power of attorney form allows a principal to designate another to act as their representative before the State of Oklahoma in relation to an unclaimed property situation. This form allows the agent to correspond with the Treasurer’s office for the State of Oklahoma in order to work at identifying and claim unclaimed property. It should be noted the principal must produce a notarized signature in order to properly execute this paperwork.

How to Write

1 – Obtain The Paperwork Required Using This Page

Use the buttons with the labels “PDF,” “Word,” and “ODT” to download a copy of the paperwork necessary to deliver this type of Limited Power in the format you prefer working with.

2 – The Principal And Agent Will Both Need To Be Presented

This document will seek to clearly identify the Principal at the beginning of the first paragraph. Produce the Full Legal Name of the Principal. Then, if the Principal is with a Company, fill in the Title he or she holds and the Name of that Business on the next two blank lines. Conclude reporting the Principal’s Information by presenting the Full Address where the Principal’s Company is located. The next task requires a report on the Agent or Attorney-in-Fact. On the blank line labeled “Agent’s Name,” supply his or her Full Legal Name. Immediately after his or her Name present the Agent’s Address in the space provided.

3 – The Principal Should Verify The Intent To Deliver Power Through A Notarized Signature

The Principal should read the remainder of this document and make sure he or she is familiarized with Oklahoma State Law. If he or she is ready, the Principal should enter the current date on the blank line labeled “Dated.” Immediately after entering the Date, the Principal must sign his or her Name, report any Title he or she holds, and print his or her Name on in the spaces labeled “Your Signature,” “Your Title,” and “Principal’s Name” (respectively). This form will need to be Notarized when the Principal signs it. The second page of this document will be devoted to the Notarization process and must be tended to by the Notary Public.