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Tennessee Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form RV-F1311401)

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Tennessee Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form RV-F1311401)

Updated June 02, 2022

A Tennessee vehicle power of attorney (Form RV-F1311401) can be used to allow another entity (usually a car dealer) to handle the titling of your motor vehicle in front of the Tennessee Department of Revenue Vehicle Services Division. It is important that all the information is filled in or else the Division will consider it void.

How to Write

1 – Appoint An Agent With Principal Vehicle Powers Using The Paperwork On This Page

The Vehicle Services Division of the Tennessee Department Of Revenue will allow a Vehicle Owner to name an Agent to perform the same actions he or she can with the Principal’s Vehicle. This type of appointment can only occur through a completed form bearing the Principal’s Signature. Download this form using any of the buttons presented with the image on this page.

2 – Satisfy The Information Requirements Of This Document

The first item required on this page will be the Date. Record the Date this document is being issued on the blank line near the top left-corner of the page (labeled “Date”).   

The next required pieces of information will be requested in a statement. In the initial statement, enter the Full Name of the Principal Vehicle Owner on the blank space labeled “Name.”Next, present the Attorney-in-Fact’s Name on the blank space labeled “Name Of Attorney-in-Fact Representative

The first labeled area of the third blank line will need some more information regarding the Attorney-in-Fact. If he or she is the Representative of a Business, then supply the Legal Name of that Business along with the Title he or she holds in the area labeled “Business Or Title Service, If Applicable.”

The second labeled area of this line (“Street Address”) will call for the Attorney-in-Fact’s Residential Street Address.

The last blank space, divided by three labeled areas (“City,” “State,” “Zip Code”) will provide a place where you may continue the Attorney-in-Fact’s Street Address reported above.

The next few spaces requiring information will simply present some labeled blank spaces: Make, VIN, Model, Body Type, and Year. Use this area to fill in the Vehicle’s Make, Vehicle Identification Number, Model, Body, and Year.

Finally, in the box under the Vehicle Information section, mark each check box that corresponds to Powers the Vehicle Owner wishes to grant the Agent. The choices presented are Duplicate Title, Noting of Lean, Request For Verification Of Ownership, Vehicle Information Request, Transfer Of Title, Application For Title And Registration, and/or you may mark the box labeled as “Other” then record it on the blank line labeled “Specify.”

3 – The Granting Party Must Sign This Document

The next area will require the Principal Vehicle Owners attention. First, the Signature Party must report if he or she is a person (by marking the checkbox labeled “Individual”) or if he or she is a representative a Business Entity by marking the box labeled “Business.” If the Signature Party is a Representative of a Business, he or she must also record the Name of the Business that is granting Principal Power on the blank line labeled “Business Name.”   The blank line labeled “Signature Of Individual Or Business Owner” should be signed by either the Principal Vehicle Owner or the Authorized Representative of the Business that owns the Vehicle. On the blank space adjacent to the Signature, the Signature Party should Print his or her Name After signing this document, the Signature Party must supply his or her “Physical Street Address,” “City,” “State,” and “Zip Code.”The next blank space will require the Principal’s Telephone Number and active E-mail Address recorded in the designated areas. Once the Principal has signed this document (personally or through an Authorized Representative) and supplied the requested items, he or she must relinquish this document to the Notary Public who will notarize the execution of this paperwork.