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Virginia Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Virginia Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Virginia Limited Power of Attorney Form is the paperwork required for an agent to prove he or she has your approval to represent you in a specific matter or distinct transaction(s). There are numerous scenarios where the presence of you or a representative is mandatory. For instance, you may need someone to file paperwork or receive sensitive materials on your behalf while you are out of the country. Generally, this paperwork serves best when you have a short-term matter for which you need someone to stand in for you. As in all cases involving the appointment of an agent, make sure he or she is trustworthy and understands what you need them to do.

How to Write

1 – The Template To Outline Granted Principal Powers Should Be Downloaded

This page will contain some basic information and three caption buttons under the preview image on it. You may use these buttons to gain access to a workable copy of the documentation required to deliver Limited or Springing Principal Authority

2 – Furnish The Main Paragraph On This Page With The Appropriate Material

The Principal’s Full Name should be filled out on the first blank space after the introductory term “Be It Acknowledged That I…” Continue reporting on the Principal by producing his or her Address on the next blank space. Now that we have documented the individual delegating his or her Authority, we will need to set the party who will receive and use this Power in place. The blank lines labeled “Full Name,” “Address,” and “Phone” will refer to the Attorney-in-Fact’s information. This material must be presented accurately

3 – The Powers The Principal Wishes To Deliver Must Be Explained And Documented

The primary goal of this document will be to define and deliver specific Powers to the Attorney-in-Fact that will enable him or her to represent the Principal in a manner the Principal expects. These instructions and Principal Powers will have to be defined in the document. Three blank lines have been supplied so this can be accomplished. If this not enough room to report what Principal Powers are being designated to the Agent, then you may conclude the report on an attachment.

4 – The Principal Is The Only Party Who Can Deliver The Executing Signature

The completed document will need to be signed by the Principal before a Notary Public for the execution process to be satisfied. Before doing so, the Principal should enter the Calendar Date of Signature in the statement “Signed This…” The next blank space has been furnished so the Principal can sign his or her Name before a Notary Public. He or she must sign this line then turn the document over to the Notary Public in attendance.  The Notary Public will then use the area below the words “State Of Virginia” to notarize this document.