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Washington Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Washington Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Washington Limited Power of Attorney Form is the paperwork a principal can use to delegate their authority to an agent. The principal is the individual who intends to use an agent to perform specific task(s) on his or her behalf while this document acts as proof that said agent has the principal authority to carry out such directives. You, as the principal, can tailor the document to describe the event for which you want representation. It is important to keep in mind, that while the agent will only have the authority to carry out the actions you detail, it is still important that you make sure to select a reliable and capable party to act in your name.

How to Write

1 – Download The Template Then Use It To Appoint Limited Authority In Washington

The downloadable template on this page can be saved as a PDF document, a Word document, or an ODT file. Use the buttons captioning the preview picture to gain access to this paperwork.

2 – The Terminology In The First Paragraph Requires Attention

The Full Name of the Principal should be produced at the beginning of this document in the first empty space. This should be followed by his or her official Address.   The next two blank lines will turn our focus on the Attorney-in-Fact or Principal Agent and will require three pieces of information. The Agent’s Full Name, Complete Address, and Current Telephone Number must be accurately recorded on these lines. Place these items in the areas labeled “Full Name,” “Address,” and “Phone” to present this material. 

3 – Record The Specific Power(s) The Principal Intends To Deliver To The Agent

The Agent or Attorney-in-Fact named above will be given the Authority to perform the actions documented in this template on behalf of the Principal. While the language presented will allow for this, a report of these approved decisions and actions will need to be presented with this document by the time the Principal signs it. Several blank lines just after the statement beginning with “Said Attorney-in-Fact Shall Have Full Power And Authority To Undertake…” so a detailed report can be supplied. 

4 – The Principal Can Only Execute This Directive With A Dated Signature

Once the Principal, Attorney-in-Fact, and the Principal Authority that is being designated have been identified, the Principal will have to execute this document so that it may be effective. This is the only action that will give the Attorney-in-Fact the Authority to act in such a manner through this template.

The Principal must produce the Calendar Day, Month, and Year of the Signature Date he or she supplies the executing signature.   After the Principal has produced the Signature Date, he or she must sign the blank line below it. Lastly, the Notary Public who is present at the time of this signing will use the final area for the notarization process.