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Connecticut Prenuptial Agreement Template

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Connecticut Prenuptial Agreement Template

Updated May 17, 2023

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A Connecticut prenuptial agreement is a document signed by a couple before they get married to declare each of their assets and debt in order to establish their distribution in the case of a divorce. The agreement will be considered valid if both parties signed willingly, they both had independent legal representation, and each individual accurately disclosed their financial information. No agreement will be held up in the court of law if it negatively affects a child’s rights to necessary support.

Signing Requirements (§ 46b-36c) – Both prospective spouses are legally required to sign the agreement for it to be enforceable.


  • Sec. 46b-36a – Short title: Connecticut Premarital Agreement Act.
  • Sec. 46b-36b – Definitions.
  • Sec. 46b-36c – Form of premarital agreement.
  • Sec. 46b-36d – Content of premarital agreement.
  • Sec. 46b-36e – Effect of marriage on premarital agreement.
  • Sec. 46b-36f – Amendment or revocation of premarital agreement after marriage.
  • Sec. 46b-36g – Enforcement of premarital agreement.
  • Sec. 46b-36h – Enforcement of premarital agreement when marriage void.
  • Sec. 46b-36i – Statute of limitations re claims under premarital agreement.
  • Sec. 46b-36j – Premarital agreements made prior to October 1, 1995, not affected