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Kansas Prenuptial Agreement Template

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Kansas Prenuptial Agreement Template

Updated August 28, 2023

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A Kansas prenuptial agreement is a contract signed prior to marriage that enables two potential spouses to clarify each party’s rights and obligations with regard to shared and independently-owned property. The agreement relays the extent to which each individual can control the assets and property relayed therein, and it provides a blueprint for how the property is to be divided in the case of a separation. No provision relayed in the premarital agreement can adversely affect the right of a child to support.

Signing Requirements (§ 23-2403) – The contract isn’t valid unless both parties have signed it.


  • § 23-2401 – Title of act
  • § 23-2402 – Definitions
  • § 23-2403 – Premarital agreement; writing required
  • § 23-2404 – Same; areas with respect to which parties may contract; right of child to support not to be adversely affected
  • § 23-2405Same; effective, when
  • § 23-2406 – Same; amendment or revocation after marriage.
  • § 23-2407 – Same; enforceability
  • § 23-2408 – Same; effect when marriage determined to be void
  • § 23-2409 – Same; statute of limitations tolled during marriage; equitable defenses available
  • § 23-2410 – Uniformity of act
  • § 23-2411 – Application of act


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