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Oregon Land Contract Template

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Oregon Land Contract Template

Updated July 28, 2023

An Oregon land contract establishes terms governing the sale of vacant land between two parties. The parties, a seller and purchaser, must create the document with all applicable terms surrounding the sale, such as the agreed-upon cost and any extra financial contingencies. The legal description of the land/lot must also be included for recording purposes. Upon arriving at a mutual understanding, both parties shall execute the agreement and set a closing date to transfer the deed accordingly.

Supplemental Information

  • Vacant Land Addendum – This form is optional and not mandatory under Oregon law. However, sellers may choose to provide potential buyers with the addendum as an advisory of common material defects regarding the property’s condition.
  • Where to Record? (OR Rev Stat § 93.620) – Deeds are to be filed at the local Recorder’s Office of the county clerk nearest to where the property is situated, along with this mandatory disclosure statement.

Realtor Version

Oregon Assoc. of REALTORS Version (Vacant Land)

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