Virginia Land Contract Template

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Updated September 23, 2022

A Virginia land contract records the terms and conditions of a real estate transaction involving vacant land. Both the land/lot seller and its purchaser must come to a mutual arrangement, documenting their terms on said contract each step of the way. On the final version, they must include everything from the land/lot’s legal description as it appears on the deed to the asking price for the property, referencing any corresponding financial provisions to the agreed-upon offer.

Upon signing the agreement, the parties must fulfill any diligence periods set forth by the document and attend (either in-person or virtually through online-based services) a closing date. The seller will sign over the deed to the new owner at closing, thus completing the real estate transfer.

Where to Record? (VA Code § 55.1-600) – Deeds must be filed and recorded with the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the jurisdiction where the property is situated.

Other Versions (2)

Northern Virginia Assoc. of REALTORS Version (Unimproved Land)

Download: Adobe PDF




Virginia REALTORS Version (Residential Property)

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