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Car Oil Change Receipt Template

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The car oil change receipt is given to customers that have completed payment for an oil change service on their vehicle. The receipt should detail the type of work performed, oil brand and type that was replaced, and the technician who conducted the service. Technicians will usually also charge for the cost of materials and additional services. The receipt includes the quantity and types of services and items used, as well as the total price and method of payment. Both parties should include their contact information and an authorized service representative must certify the document with their signature.

This receipt may be used by car dealerships, oil change facilities, and any other licensed business or mechanic permitted to conduct oil changes in the State.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Save The Car Change Oil Receipt From This Site

When you wish to issue a receipt for an oil change (car), download the file accessible through the “Adobe PDF,” “Word,” and “ODT” buttons on this page.


2 – Supply The Receipt Information To The Top Of This Page

The start of this receipt displays to labeled lines that serve as a measure of identification for this paperwork. The first of these is located in the top left and is designated with the word “Date.” This space requires a report of the month, calendar day, and year of the concerned payment. Input this information accordingly then, proceed to the line below it. The unique number assigned to identify this receipt in the future must be recorded on the empty line attached to the label “Receipt #.” Transcribe this number from your available records then, turn your attention to the right of the page.


3 – The Oil Change Customer And Provided Services Are Requested Submissions

The area starting with the blank line “Company Name” is placed for the benefit of the Oil Change Customer. Place the full name of the entity who has received the discussed payment here then, make use of the next three labeled lines to document the Oil Change Company’s entire business address and “Phone Number.” Once you have supplied this contact information, continue to the area below this on the right. The set of labeled lines beginning with the label “Customer Name” also requires input so that this header may be finished. On this first line, identify the individual who has submitted payment for the oil change. Then enter the Oil Change Customer’s address onto the next two lines and his or her telephone number on the last blank space of this section.


4 – A Summary Of The Payment History Is Required

The table at the center of this page will seek to fulfill the purpose of this receipt by providing a structured area to present the services and payment involved. Our first task will be to tend to the “Merchandise/Service Description” column where a record of each service provided by the Oil Change Company or Mechanics Shop. This column will also accept any billable merchandise or supplies.  The second column, “Unit Price,” will mainly apply to the supplies, products, or merchandise this receipt covers. Use this column to indicate how much one piece (or unit) cost.

The “Quantity” column acts as a place to record how many of the purchased items were ordered.

We will now work across each row. This is required so that an account of how much was paid for each of the products we recorded. For every physical item that was purchased, multiply its “Unit Price” by the number that was bought (in “Quantity”). This result should be placed in the “Total” column. Similarly, if you listed any physical services that must be paid for, enter the cost of the service in this “Total” column as well.

Now, we will work down the “Total” column. Let us focus on the box labeled “Subtotal.” Add each number in the above column to this box. 

In addition to a simple sum of all the products and services, you must consult the local statutes then input the tax percentage that must be multiplied by the “Subtotal.” This percentage should be input to the box labeled “Tax Rate.”   Once you have recorded this, multiply this percentage by the “Subtotal” and enter the result in the box labeled “Total Tax.’ Notice in this example that a fictitious tax rate has been applied for as an aid for these instructions. Finally, we will add the “Subtotal” to the “Total Tax” then place the resulting number to the box labeled “Total.”

Notice the box underneath the table. The first line will contain two blank spaces where you should type in the “Amount Paid” by the Oil Change Customer this should then be entered numerically in the parenthesis.

The method used for this payment will also need definition. Define this method by checking the box labeled “Cash,” “Credit Card,” “Check,” and/or “Other.” Note the additional line “Check/Card Number” where you must further define the payment if the Oil Change Customer. Thus, if the Oil Change Customer paid by check or credit card then enter that check number or credit card number to this space. If Customer did not pay with any of these traditional means of payment, then check the “Other” box and give your definition on the blank space attached. In addition to the information supplied above, you should enter the full name of every Service Technician that worked on the vehicle on the blank spaces after the words “Name Of Service Technician(s)”

The Customer Service Representative or Technician issuing this receipt should sign and print his or her name on the lines labeled “Authorized Signature” and “Print Name.”