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Vehicle (Private Sale) Receipt Template

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Vehicle (Private Sale) Receipt Template

Updated August 02, 2023

A vehicle private sales receipt is given to a buyer as proof of payment for the purchase of a car from a private seller. The receipt may also be used to acknowledge the payment of a deposit towards the purchase price of a vehicle. In most cases, vehicles will be sold used for a lesser price than its original value.

If the seller has increased the value of the vehicle in some way and stands to profit from the sale, they should use the standard Car Sales Receipt and include the requisite sales tax in their price as this would count as a capital gain.

In most states, the buyer will need to present their bill of sale, title, and receipt at the Department of Motor Vehicles when they register the vehicle in their name.

Vehicle Bill of Sale – A legal agreement between a buyer and a seller to transfer ownership of a vehicle for an agreed price.