Garage Sale Receipt Template

Updated July 11, 2022

A garage sale receipt can be used by anyone who is putting on a garage sale and wishes to provide buyers with a record of their transaction. Some people will want to keep a record of how much they paid for each item. For example, if a buyer is planning on reselling their purchases or will be using them for business, they may need a receipt for tax purposes. The receipt includes space for buyer and seller information, the selling price for each item, and the method of payment.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Obtain Your Garage Sale Receipt From This Site

This site gives access to the receipt in the featured image through the links following the phrase “Download” directly above or through the caption area (blue) buttons. Notice this receipt is accessible as a PDF or a word processing file (specifically a “Word” document or “ODT” file). Select the one you wish to work with then download it

2 – Document The Date Of Sale And The Parties Involved

Our first order of business when filling out this receipt will be to record the “Date” when the garage sale items were purchased. That is, when the money required to buy them was received. Enter this calendar “Date” at the top of the page.          Next, identify the Seller at the garage sale by entering his or her “Name,” “Phone” number, and address information to the blank lines under the bold word “Seller.”       The “Buyer” section will only require the Buyer’s “Name” and “Phone” number. Produce both these items accordingly.


3 – Discuss The Garage Sale

A table titled “Items Purchased” has been made available in the body of this page so a clear report on what was purchased can be produced. First, list every sold item in the “Description” column.          The next column will need the total number of items purchased. This should be counted on a row by row basis so that every item listed is paired with a report on how many were bought. Place this in the “Quantity” column.      The “Price Total” column at the end of the table simply requires how much was charged for the items sold entered on the rows where a report has been provided.      The payment that was submitted for the garage sale items will need to be documented so that the goals of this receipt can be reached. First, record the “Total” amount of money expected for the items by writing it out after the word “Total” then producing a numerical version inside the parentheses.     It is worth noting that it will be assumed this is also the amount paid.  Mark one or more of the next four checkboxes to explain how the garage sale merchandise was paid for. You may select “Cash,” “Check,” “Credit Card,” or “Other.”  Note that if this was a credit card purchase or a check was used (and accepted) then produce either the credit card number or the check number on the last blank line.