Alaska Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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An Alaska commercial lease agreement is a document that acts as a legal contract to solidify a landlord-tenant agreement in a space where the business will be conducted. The terms of such an agreement should be taken very seriously as it will hold both parties responsible for upholding their part of the contract as well as the law.  A landlord must provide the space for the specified time period for the specified amount while a lessee must observe the payment terms.

This lease should be filled out in its entirety and both parties should make sure they have performed their due diligence. Landlords should make sure they are aware of the type of business being operated on the premises being leased and that it is compliant with zoning laws for instance. Meanwhile, the leasing businesses should do their homework. For instance, it should make sure space is up to code by inspecting the premises before signing the lease. If any problems are noted before signing this agreement, they should be dealt with before such finalization occurs.