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Alaska Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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Alaska Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

Updated August 26, 2022

An Alaska residential lease agreement is a document that acts as proof that two or more parties have entered a landlord-tenant relationship. In the state of Alaska, this lease is considered a binding contract once the tenant has moved in, the landlord has accepted rent payment, and at least one individual has signed the document then provided the signed document to the other party. This prevents any last-minute changes by either party after one has agreed to its terms and signed it. In this state, the lease is may not be changed or altered during its term. The primary goal of a written residential contract such as this is to provide security to both parties by specifically naming a time period in which the lease remains in effect and obligating tenant(s) and landlord(s) to one another under the agreed terms. The State of Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act will enable courts to enforce this agreement should one party’s actions or decisions violate the landlord-tenant agreement they signed.

LawsAS 34.03.010 to 34.03.360 (Alaska Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act)

Handbook / GuideThe Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act: What it Means to You (PDF)

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