Arkansas Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Arkansas Commercial Lease Agreement is a document set up to define the rental of a space between the landlord and a business renting his/her property. Generally, this agreement is for three years however, the parties involved can choose any number of years that seem appropriate for the situation. Both will, after all, carry quite a bit of responsibility to each other, the law, and the terms of the agreement while it is in effect. This is quite a commitment. It is for this reason that documenting such an agreement for any number of years is not only mandatory but a very good idea. This will prevent future misunderstandings or inadvertent damages.

When filling out this form, both parties should make sure they understand their responsibilities. In fact, it would be considered wise to have an attorney review the contract before committing with a signature. It should be perfectly understood that an Arkansas court would consider this to be a binding contract in the event of a disagreement once this document has been signed, and especially if it is notarized. All the parties involved will need to obey the terms of this lease from the start date defined on it until the date of termination defined by this document.