Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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An Arizona commercial lease agreement is a written document that presents the agreement between a landlord and a business and acts as a contract once signed. The State of Arizona has specific laws governing commercial leases in several areas (i.e. zoning, taxation, etc.). These laws must be represented in a written rental contract between the business and the landlord where necessary. By utilizing a standard agreement that is in compliance with these laws each party may hold a level of assurance that the other has signed a legal contract verifying its position and responsibilities.

Both parties should make sure they have reviewed each of the terms defined in the contract. Once this contract has been signed and dated, it will be enforceable in a court of law while it remains in effect. There may be some exceptions if one of the parties has broken the law however, this would need to be determined in the courthouse. It is generally a wise idea to have the contract reviewed by an attorney.