Colorado Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Colorado Commercial Lease Agreement Template is used when a business wishes to rent a property where its day to day operations will occur from a Landlord or similar entity. This is a powerful agreement and will have a profound effect on both parties for a significant amount of time. Thus it should be very precise in its language.

Certain questions need to be answered on both sides of the contract in order to foster a good long-term Landlord-Commercial Tenant relationship. For instance, will the Landlord rent an adjoining space to a business’s competitor? Can the Commercial-Tenant in turn lease part of its property to another business operating from a kiosk? These are just some of the questions that should be addressed during the negotiation process so that an agreement’s terms may accurately address each party’s concerns. This is imperative as this contract (once signed) will bind each signer to the document’s terms. Each party may hold the other responsible to the obligations and conditions named in this document for as long as it remains in effect. Certain parts of this document will be standard in nature or required by law and cannot or should not be changed by either party. However, the individual criteria that are specific to the situation can be. Additions may also be made to the original document so long as they are lawful and approved by all concerned. Obviously, it is a good idea to capture all the terms each party wishes to document clearly for the other. This will help avoid future misunderstandings due to vague language or a circumstance that may affect either the property or either party. To this end, it is generally recommended that each party have an attorney review the document for them as this may save quite a bit of time and money in a lengthy court process.