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Office Sublease Agreement Template

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Office Sublease Agreement Template

Updated January 21, 2022

An office sublease agreement allows a tenant to re-rent space that they are leasing to another tenant (“subtenant”). The sublease may be for a portion or all of the current space being leased. The tenant will commonly have to obtain permission from the landlord through a Consent Form.

Screening the Subteant

It should be understood by the tenant that they will be liable for any actions or inactions conducted by the subtenant.

For example, if the subtenant does not pay rent or causes damage to the property, the tenant will be liable.

Rental Application

It is highly recommended the tenant screen the subtenant, through a rental application, prior to signing an agreement. In addition, the tenant should collect the following:

  • Tax Returns: Past two (2) years including business and personal filings.
  • Certificate of Good Standing: If a business entity, a certificate of good standing by the Secretary of State’s office (to prove the business is operating legally)
  • Pay Stubs: If an individual, past two (2) paystubs from their employer.