Connecticut Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Connecticut Lease Agreement Template is a contract form made available so that landlords and commercial tenants may document conditions specific to their leasing agreement. Both parties should review this contract and be in full agreement over the negotiable terms, especially if it is a particularly long contract (i.e. over a year). Connecticut courts will rely heavily upon the wording of this agreement in the event there is a dispute thus each party will be held to how they represented their willingness and ability to uphold their responsibility.

As such, certain terms such as rent, security, exclusivity or subleasing should be covered. Once this lease is signed by the appropriate representatives, the entities they represent will be obligated to its terms for the duration of the contract. This will be the case regardless of whether a business closes down. That is, in an example where a business with one owner closes down prematurely, the business owner will be responsible for rent payments for the duration of the commercial lease hence, he or she may wish to sublet to another business for the remainder of the lease. This can only be done if the lease contains a sublease option or if the landlord gives written permission to the tenant. Similarly, a landlord must make sure the premises is up to county laws regulating the property (such as building codes). Since this document will have such a significant impact on both signature parties, it is highly recommended to have it reviewed by an attorney before signing it.