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Connecticut Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Form

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Connecticut Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Form

Updated August 04, 2023

A Connecticut month-to-month rental agreement is between a landlord and tenant, with either party having the option to terminate or amend the contract with thirty (30) days’ notice. In such an arrangement, there is no end date. The agreement continues until one of the parties cancels within the time frame stated in the lease.

Each party, landlord and tenant, must fulfill their obligations while the lease is in effect. Thus, landlords must provide a domicile that is compliant with health and housing codes, while tenants are responsible for the rent and observing the rules of the property as defined by the property owner. After all, despite the flexibility, the State of Connecticut will still consider this lease a binding contract and expect the state and federal laws to be followed.

Minimum Time-Period: 3 days. Although, it’s recommended the landlord and tenant select thirty (30) days to allow the tenant to find housing and the landlord to get a new tenant.

Laws§ 47a-23


Lease Termination Letter

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