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Connecticut Month to Month Termination Letter

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Connecticut Month to Month Termination Letter

Updated August 04, 2023

A Connecticut Lease Termination Form is a method one of two parties in a leasing contract may express the desire to terminate the lease when allowed. The State of Connecticut takes living arrangements solidified by a written lease very seriously. It is in this spirit that while lawmakers take into consideration that while one can terminate such an agreement (depending on lease type) at certain times, this will have a powerful impact on the remaining party.

Notice Period – There is no exact state law that requires a minimum time frame for sending a notice. Therefore, the notice should be sent in accordance with the language in the signed rental agreement. Note, however, that three (3) days’ notice must be given if the landlord is evicting pursuant to C.G.S.A. § 47a-23. A landlord should issue at least a three-day notice or a notice period in accordance with the lease, whichever comes later. 

Thus if a month-to-month lease requires thirty days’ notice before termination, this must be obeyed. Similarly, while a roommate lease agreement may have a fixed term, it may call for a specific number of days’ notice from the departing party (before the end of the term). Such, requirements must be obeyed since both parties have acknowledged and agreed to them. However, even if this is not required, giving a substantial amount of notice is always a good idea as it will promote a smooth transition for all involved.