Florida Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Florida Commercial Lease Agreements Template provides a Florida landlord with the necessary paperwork for entering a rental arrangement with a commercial entity on their property. A commercial lease must be handled very carefully in the negotiation phase. On the one hand, property owners must make sure they are renting to a law-abiding client who will not damage the property and will be able to maintain rent payments regularly. Similarly, commercial entities do not have the same consumer protection that residential entities enjoy.

This type of agreement can be remarkably flexible which affords both parties the opportunity to attain their goals. This does mean, however, that negotiating through such a contract will require honesty and a realistic acknowledgment from both parties on what they expect.

  • For instance, will there be exclusivity for the commercial tenant to the property?
  • Will they be able to sublease?
  • Will the landlord act responsibly in making sure the building itself is up to code at all times to avoid unnecessary difficulties in running the business?

These are all questions that must be addressed. Similarly a landlord will need to be assured that for the full term of this agreement, the commercial tenant will obey municipality laws, not alter or damage the property in a way that negatively affects the property owner’s ability to rent after the commercial tenant leaves, and the business and its employees do not create an unpleasant or illegal disturbance on the property.