Georgia Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Georgia Commercial Lease Agreement Template is a tool giving both landlords and commercial entities leasing a property assurance their agreed upon arrangement will remain in effect for the duration of their contract. This type of paperwork is an integral part of any business owner’s responsibility to develop and maintain. Similarly, every landlord renting out a commercial space to an entity wishing to do business on said property must make sure this document is taken very seriously. When either party in such an agreement does not adhere to the conditions they have agreed to, it could spell disaster for both.

It is for this reason that all parties involved should make a concerted effort to cover as much ground as possible before finalizing such a document with a signature.  A signature from both the landlord and commercial entity seeking to rent the space will bind both of these parties to one another and to the agreement itself. Furthermore, only that which has been covered in this agreement may be considered part of the contract. If a condition or term one or both parties wish to be considered binding to their rental agreement has not been included in writing in this agreement, it will not be considered part of the lease. A good commercial lease will allow for the possibility of many conditions to be included while also allowing for those not mentioned in the set document to be attached then considered valid.