Iowa Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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The Iowa Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template is a contract obligating two or more parties to a lessor-lessee relationship concerning a particular property for a definitive span of time. This provides quite a bit of security for all signing parties when events that may potentially cause concern to occur during the lifespan of the contract. It is generally assumed individuals signing a contract have fully discussed, read, and comprehend the contents. In fact, it is highly inadvisable to sign any contract one does not understand or is unable to fulfill. This is because, in a court of law, a contract can be enforced. Fixed Term Leases, such as this one, are particularly difficult to change or terminate. Thus it is imperative to be absolutely sure you can fulfill the obligations a lease you sign will impose on you during its life span.

The benefits of this document are clear, however, each party will enjoy the rights and benefits granted to their roles in the contract. They may also enjoy the security of knowing that when the agreement does naturally terminate, it will do so in an organized and previously defined fashion.

Laws – Chapter 562A (Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Law)

HandbookLegislative Guide to Landlord-Tenant Law (PDF)

How to Write

Step 1 – In the first sentence of the page, enter the day, month, and year of the lease. Then (also in the first paragraph) enter the full name of the lessor or landlord and the full name of the lessee or tenant.

Step 2 – Next, in “Offer to Rent,” enter the street address of the rental property, the city, the starting date of the lease, and the ending date of the lease on the blank lines (in that order.)

Step 3 – The third paragraph, known as “Rent,” requires the total amount of money that shall be paid to the landlord during the term of the lease to be entered on the first blank line. The second blank line requires the monthly rent to be entered and the third blank line needs payment instructions to be entered.

Step 4 – In the paragraph labeled “Rent Proration” enter the proration date range that shall apply

Step 5 – The next section, “Deposit,” shall require the security deposit amount to be entered on the line provided.

Step 6 – Enter all the utilities and services a landlord shall pay for on the blank lines in the “Utilities” section.

Step 7 – The “Lawn Care” section shall assign certain maintenance duties. If the landlord is required to maintain the grounds place a check mark in the first box. If the tenant is to maintain the grounds check the second box.

Step 8 – In “Notices” enter the address where a landlord may receive a notice from a tenant regarding this lease or the property on the first blank line. On the second blank line do the same for the tenant or lessee.

Step 9 – Under “Entire Agreement,” enter the date of the lease. Below this the landlord must sign and print his or her name.  Finally, all tenants that are on the lease must also sign and print their names.