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Iowa Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Iowa Standard Residential Lease Agreement

Updated April 04, 2023

An Iowa standard residential lease agreement is a contract obligating a landlord to rent a particular property to a tenant for a definitive span of time, usually one (1) year. This provides security for all signing parties when events cause concern during the duration of the lease. It is generally assumed individuals signing a contract have fully discussed, read, and comprehend its contents. In fact, it is highly inadvisable to sign any contract one does not understand or is unable to fulfill. This is because, in a court of law, a contract can be enforced. Fixed Term Leases, such as this one, are particularly difficult to change or terminate. Thus it is imperative to be absolutely sure you can fulfill the obligations a lease you sign will impose on you during its life span.

Laws – Chapter 562A (Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Law)

HandbookLegislative Guide to Landlord-Tenant Law (PDF)