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Idaho Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Idaho Standard Residential Lease Agreement

Updated September 12, 2023

An Idaho standard residential lease agreement is a rental contract that contains several negotiable items that may be filled out to specify the terms and conditions between a landlord and tenant. Typically, such agreements are for a period of one year, however, this is not set in stone and each situation is different. Other such negotiable subjects include how many people may live in the rental with the leaseholder, how much the rent and security deposit are, and how having a pet will affect the agreement.

These are all very important factors that will impact the quality of the agreement for both parties. It is important that all such issues are comprehended and agreed to before the time of signing. This is because once this particular document is signed it will have a binding contractual power over all signing parties. It cannot be changed or terminated prematurely in most cases and must run the course of its lifespan with the exact same conditions that existed at the time of signing.

LawsTitle 55 (Property in General)

Handbook – Office of the Attorney General – Landlord and Tenant Manual (PDF)