Idaho Sublease Agreement Template

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The Idaho Sublease Agreement Template is a document which will outline the agreement between a sub-lessor and sub-lessee. This acts as a residential agreement however it is not between the property owner/manager and a tenant. It is between the tenant of a property owner/manager and a second party tenant. This is a very specific situation and the roles of the two parties signing it can be somewhat relative.

For instance, the sub-lessor is the legal tenant of the property. This individual has gone through an application process with the landlord and been granted to the right to reside there in exchange for a set sum of money by the property owner/landlord. That being said, the sub-lessor will also act as a landlord for the sub-lessee. The sub-lessee would have gone through the rental application process with the sub-lessor successfully and -in relation to the sub-lessor – will be granted the right to reside on the property in exchange for a set sum of money. The sub-lessee and property owner/landlord have no such agreement however. Therefore, it is impossible for the sub-lessee to have a sublease agreement with the sub-lessor that will extend beyond the original lease the sub-lessor and property owner has. Simply put, the landlord is not obligated to let the sub-lessee maintain a residence on his/her property if the sub-lessor leaves.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the first paragraph, enter the full name of the sub-lessee on the first blank line.

Step 2 – Enter the current address of the sub-lessor on the second available blank line.

Step 3 – Enter the full name of the sub-lessee on the third available line.

Step 4 – Enter the address of the sub-lessee on the fourth available line

Step 5 – In the second paragraph, enter the address of the rented property on the first blank line

Step 6 – Enter the city where this property is located on the last blank space of the second paragraph.

Step 7 – In the “Term” section the type of lease must be defined. If this is a fixed term sublease, check the first box. Then enter the start date of the lease and the termination date of the lease. If this is a month-to-month sublease, check the second box. Then enter the start date and the minimum amount of days either party must give the other before terminating the lease. If this is a week-to-week sublease, check the third box, enter the start date, and report the number of days’ notice either party must give before terminating the lease.

Step 8 – In the “Utilities” section enter the utilities the sub-lessee will not be financially responsible for.

Step 9 – Report the amount of money the landlord will be given to hold as a security deposit in the “Security Deposit” section. This section will also require the number of days a landlord has to explain the retention of any of the tenant’s funds be entered.

Step 10 – The section labeled as “Other,” provides an opportunity to list any additional terms and conditions the sub-lessor and sub-lessee have included in their rental agreement but has not been mentioned in this document. This is an important section as any conditions or terms not listed will not be considered part of this lease agreement.

Step 11 – The “Landlord’s Consent” section will define if this lease is binding between the signing parties with acknowledgment/consent of the landlord or not. If the sublease is not binding without the landlord’s consent check the first box. If the sublease is binding regardless of whether the landlord gives consent check the second box.

Step 12 – The “Date & Signature” section will require the date of the agreement be entered. Then both the sub-lessor and sub-lessee will need to sign and print their names. Below this will be an area for two witnesses to do the same. Finally, if a parent or guardian’s signature is necessary, this party will need to sign and print his/her name at the bottom of this document.

Step 13 – In the “Landlord’s Consent” section, the landlord will give consent via signing his/her name and printing it in the space provided. If the original lease is attached, the landlord and sublessor should provide their initials in the space provided. Similarly, both of these parties should provide their initials if an inventory checklist is attached.