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Idaho Sublease Agreement Template

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Idaho Sublease Agreement Template

Updated August 04, 2023

An Idaho sublease agreement is a written document outlining a sublet relationship between a sub-lessor and sub-lessee. Though a sublease acts as a residential contract, it is not directly between the property owner/manager and the sub-tenant. Instead, it is between the primary tenant of property under rent and a second party tenant (sub-lessee). A sub-lessor must understand all implications entering such an arrangement may involve. For instance, the sub-lessor is the legal tenant of the property who has undergone an application process with the landlord and been granted the right to reside in the premises in exchange for a set sum of money. This sub-lessor would now act as a landlord for the sub-lessee under a sublease contract. In many cases, the sub-lessor will vet the potential sub-lessees until deciding on one — similar to a standard rental application process. The sub-lessor will then be responsible for collecting rent from the sub-lessee and presenting it to the landlord. Note, since the landlord is not immediately in contract with the sub-lessee, the landlord is not obligated to let the sub-lessee maintain a residence on their property if the sublessor’s lease ends or is otherwise terminated.

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