Illinois Month to Month Rental Agreement Template

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An Illinois month-to-month rental agreement is a legal contract that authorizes a tenant to rent a property without an end date. The tenant pays monthly rent, along with other responsibilities, and either the landlord or tenant can amend or terminate the agreement with thirty (30) days’ notice. This is a common agreement for tenants or landlords that don’t want tenancy on a  fixed-term (i.e. a start and end date).

Also known as a “tenancy-at-will”.

Minimum Termination Period – 30 Days

Laws735 ILCS 5/9-207

How to Write

Step 1 –  Enter the full name of the landlord on the first blank space, the full name of the tenant on the second blank space, and the date of the lease on the third blank space of the first paragraph.

Step 2 – The paragraph labeled “Premises,” will require the street address on the first blank line then the city on the second blank line.

Step 3 – Next enter the date this lease shall commence on the blank line in the “Lease Term” paragraph.

Step 4 – In “Lease Payments,” enter the rent amount the tenant must pay on the first two blank lines. Notice, one line will be for the amount to be written out and the second will be for a numerical dollar amount. Then enter the month and year the first payment shall be made.

Step 5 – For the “Late Charges” paragraph, enter the calendar day of the month the rent is due. Then enter the calendar day of the month it will be considered late. This will be followed by a space for the daily penalty amount charged each day the rent is not paid. Finally, enter the day of the month the tenant will be considered in violation of the agreement if he/she has not paid rent.

Step 6 – Enter the number of days a tenant has to rectify a lease violation once a notice has been issued on the blank line in the “Defaults” paragraph.

Step 7 – Enter the number of people allowed to live with the tenant without the landlord’s explicit consent in the paragraph labeled “Occupants.”

Step 8 – If the tenant will be allowed to sub-lease the premises during this agreement, check the first box in “Assignment and Sublease.” If not check the second box.

Step 9 – In “Utilities and Services” check off all such items the landlord shall pay for or provide. If the agreement calls for an item that is not in this list enter it in the space provided.

Step 10 – Enter any additional security deposit amount the tenant must pay for keeping a pet on the premises in the paragraph labeled “Pets.”

Step 11 – The “Abandonment” paragraph shall seek a definition for the term. That is, on the first blank line, enter the number of consecutive days after the rent is paid and the tenant has disappeared without any prior notice the landlord may consider the premises abandoned by the tenant. Similarly enter the number of consecutive days a tenant has disappeared without paying rent that a landlord may consider the premises abandoned.

Step 12 – Under the heading “Additional Terms and Conditions,” locate the “Display of Signs” paragraph. Here, enter the number of days before the termination of a lease where a landlord may advertise and show rental candidates the space the tenant is currently in but will be leaving soon.

Step 13 – Enter the hours that furniture may be moved in or out of the premises in the “Noise” paragraph.

Step 14 – If the tenant will have a parking space made available by the landlord, check the first box in the “Parking” paragraph then enter the address of the space and the number of vehicles a tenant may park there on the lines provided. If the tenant will not be granted a space check the second box.

Step 15 – If a balcony is on the process indicate whether a tenant may utilize it for the actions represented in the “Balconies” paragraph by checking the box next to the word “shall” or the words “shall not.”

Step 16 – At the end of the document, the landlord must sign and print his/her name. There will be enough space for two tenants to sign and print their names as well. Only tenants who have signed and printed their names will be considered part of this lease agreement. If there are more than two they should sign and print their names below the initial tenant signatures.