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Indiana Sublease Agreement Template

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Indiana Sublease Agreement Template

Updated August 04, 2023

An Indiana sublease agreement is a written contract defining the conditions of a sublet commitment between a sub-lessor and a sub-lessee. The sub-lessor under this arrangement is defined as a principal tenant who holds the lease to a property with said property’s owner/landlord. A sub-lessee, on the other hand, is the party renting this property from the sub-lessor. A sublease document must define all of these parties and include their express written consent; the property manager shall also provide their signature on the newly-formed lease in order to convey their approval of the new tenant. In addition, the time period for which the sub-lessor will rent the property to the sub-lessee should not exceed the duration of the sublessor’s lease with the property manager. This is because the sub-lessee does not have an agreement with the property owner/landlord.

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