Louisiana Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Louisiana Commercial Lease Agreement Template is a binding document once it has been signed by a lessor and the legal representative of a commercial entity.  This agreement is purely to be used when a business entity wishes to rent a commercial property from a lessor to conduct its day to day operations for a specific time period. During this time period, the business entity will have to pay a specific amount of money named in the lease across several equal installments.

Typically, the time periods involved are one or two years however this agreement will allow any term to be entered. So long as it is documented in this contract it will be considered legally binding on both parties for that entire time period. This necessitates that each party is fully aware, able, and willing to fulfill their obligations as those responsibilities are defined in this agreement. Some terms and conditions are standard or required by law, however, there is room for negotiation on certain points. It is these negotiable points in the conditions that both these entities must agree to before providing a signature. That is, once a lessee agrees to pay a certain monthly amount from one date to another date to maintain control of the premises, they must do so. Similarly, a lessor receiving this amount from a lease and law abiding entity must allow that entity to conduct its business and retain control of the rented property for the duration of the agreement’s terms. Thus it is imperative that both parties understand the responsibilities they will undertake. The state of Louisiana will enforce this lease as a contract in a court of law during any litigation that may result from a lease violation.