Massachusetts Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Massachusetts Commercial Lease Agreement Template is a preferred method for documenting a commercial property lease agreement. Typically, this is drawn up by the property owner or manager after the individual terms have been discussed with or disclosed to the commercial entity approved for the rental agreement. By having a lease in writing, one solidifies the exact agreement they have acquiesced to participate in. The State of Massachusetts takes such contracts very seriously and in some cases will insist that a commercial lease is in writing if the parties wish it to be enforceable by the courts. For instance, any commercial lease whose period of effect exceeds one year must be in writing to be in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Part III, Title V, Chapter 259. Many view this as an excellent requirement as it will prevent confusion or even deception.

A commercial lease should address as many issues that an industry or business owner needs to have secured. For instance, may the business expand on the property? Is the property manager willing to grant exclusivity by refraining to rent an adjacent space to a competitor of the business? Will the commercial entity have any expenses in addition to the rent? These are all questions that are addressed in a good lease agreement. This is important since once signed, this agreement will hold the participants liable to anything contained within it. In fact, if there are any parts of the agreement not included in a standard lease they should be documented and attached to the lease so as to be considered a part of this contract.