Maryland Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Maryland Commercial Lease Agreement Template will serve both commercial and property management entities by setting up the framework for a property rental agreement. This is vital to any positive landlord-tenant relationship because it keeps the agreement as originally entered on a hardcopy one can easily refer to. At first glance, the value of this may be overlooked however when it comes to additional expenses such as utilities or possible insurance coverage having a document in hand may prove invaluable. This lease may not fall under the same jurisdiction that residential landlord-tenant parties enjoy however, it is a legal contract that will be binding upon each party once it is signed.

Landlords and Tenants should make an effort during the negotiation process to communicate their needs and expectations clearly. For instance, a landlord would want a commercial tenant to remain in accordance with applicable laws in the municipality the property is located in. Meanwhile, commercial tenants may be concerned with such topics as who is responsible for necessary alterations to the property (i.e. taking down a previous tenant’s lighted signage). These are just two examples of quite a few topics that should be discussed then defined by means of this contract. Generally speaking, once these items have been entered, it is considered wise to have the set lease reviewed by an attorney before finalizing it with a signature.