Maine Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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The Maine Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template is a primary tool used in rental arrangements. Attached is a contract form which will document the individual points of an agreement two parties will enter centering upon the leasing of a property for the purpose of maintaining a home. Each party has been assigned several obligations by the nature of their position under Federal and Maine laws (Title 14, Chapter 170). This lease will further solidify each party’s relation to one another by covering the specifics of their agreement.

Laws – Title 14, Chapter 170 (Rental Property)

HandbookThe Rights of Tenants in Maine (PDF)

How to Write

Step 1 – At the top of the page will be two columns. One labeled “Landlord” and the other labeled “Tenant.” In the “Landlord” column enter the full name of the landlord, the landlord’s address, and the telephone number of the landlord. The “Tenant” column will have enough room for two tenants, though if there are more they must be listed as well. Each tenant must have the full name, address, and telephone number of that tenant entered.

Step 2 – In the “Managing Agent” section enter the name, address, and phone number of the agent the landlord has named to manage the property reported.

Step 3 – In the “Residence Location” section indicate whether the rental property is a house, apartment, or mobile home by placing a check mark in the appropriate choice. Then enter the address of the rental property. There will be additional space at the bottom of this section to report a floor number or apartment number (if applicable)

Step 4 – In the “Length of Lease” section, enter the number of months the agreement shall remain in effect for on the first blank space, then, on the next blank space, enter the day the agreement shall start to be in effect.

Step 5 – In the “Security Deposit” section enter the amount of security the landlord requires of the tenant to grant the lease and residence.

Step 6 – The “Services Provided by the Landlord” there will be three columns. The first column will list the basic utilities and services associated with a residence, the middle column will be titled “Landlord” while the third is labeled “Tenant.” Use the blank lines in these last two columns to indicate which party shall pay for which utility and/or service.

Step 7 – In the “Occupants” section list all the individuals who will be allowed to live on the rented property with the leasing tenant.

Step 8 – In the “Pets” section check the appropriate blank space that indicates whether a tenant may have pets or not. If so, then list the pets to be allowed in the space provided.

Step 9 – The “Condition of Residence at the Time Lease is Signed” section requires a report on whether the landlord and tenant have inspected the property together. If so, place a checkmark in the first blank space then Fill out Sections A-D. These sections will require you to report defects that were found on the property, enter the work or repairs the landlord agreed to pay for or provide, enter the work and repairs the tenant agrees to pay for or provide, then the defects that may remain unchanged in this order. If not, then place a check mark in the second blank space of this paragraph.

Step 10 – In the “Other Agreements” section, report any additional terms or conditions that both parties wish to be a part of this lease.

Step 11 – The last section, “Signatures,” will require each tenant and each landlord to provide a dated signature of his/her name which will bind each to this lease contract.