Maine Sublease Agreement Template

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The Maine Sublease Agreement Template is a contract form for an increasingly common type of lease. A sub-lease is a residential agreement where a tenant finds it necessary to rent out the property or significant portion of a property, he or she currently resides, to a sub-tenant. This may be useful in cases where the tenant must travel for an extended period of time or must move somewhere else for one reason or another but will still be responsible for making sure his/her obligations to the lease contract with the landlord or property owner is fulfilled for the entirety of its lifespan.

This puts quite a responsibility on the tenant leasing to a sub-tenant. In this case, the tenant becomes a sub-lessor or a landlord in relation to the sub-tenant. They must ensure the property is safe, sanitary, and livable according to the Federal Housing and Habitability Act. Furthermore, the sub-lessor must make sure to honor his/her obligations as a tenant. That is, he/she is still responsible for the rent and the condition of the premises. It may seem unfair at first glance, however, the benefit of receiving financial relief while upholding his/her end of the main lease will usually make this route worthwhile.

How to Write

Step 1 – Fill in the first blank space on the page with the full name of the Sub-Lessor (Original or Primary Renter who pays the landlord rent).

Step 2 – Fill in the second blank space of this paragraph with the full address of the Sub-Lessor.

Step 3 – Fill in the third blank space of this paragraph with the full name of the Sub-Lessee (the new renter who will pay the original or primary renter rent).

Step 4 – Fill in the street address and city of the property in the blank spaces of the second paragraph.

Step 5 – Select the check box that describes the agreement type in the first item, “Term.” There will be three choices divided by time frames, you may choose one. Each type will require additional information for its definition. If this is a Fixed Sublease, then note the start and date of the agreement in the space provided. In this is a Month-to-Month or a Week-to-Week, you must enter the start date of this agreement and fill in the number of days’ notice one party must give the other when ending the agreement.

Step 6 – Fill in the utilities and services the Sub-Lessee will NOT be responsible to pay or provide the premises for the duration of the lease in the second item (Labeled “Utilities”).

Step 7 – In the seventh item (labeled “Security Deposit”) Write in the amount of money the Sub-lessor requires the Sub-lessee to submit as insurance against any damages to the property that may be the fault of the Sub-lessee. Then enter the dollar amount on the second blank line. On the third blank, located in the second paragraph of this section, enter the number of days a Sub-lessor has to explain any missing money from the return of a partial security deposit.

Step 8 – If this lease has not covered every part of the agreement between the Sub-lessor and Sub-lessee, document it in section eight, or “Other.” In order for an agreement, term, or condition to be part of the lease, it must be documented in this section and/or attached (signed and dated).

Step 9 – If the landlord’s consent is needed for this lease to be binding then place a check mark in the first box of the “Landlord’s Consent” section. If the landlord’s consent is not necessary for this lease to be binding, then place a check mark in the second box of this section.

Step 10 – In the “Date & Signature” section, provide the date of this lease in the first paragraph. Below this will be a space for the Sub-Lessor, Sub-Lessee, any witnesses present, a parent/guardian (if applicable), and landlord (consent line) to sign and print their names. The Sub-Lessor and Sub-Lessee must sign this agreement. In addition, if the sub-lease has the original lease attached both should initial at the bottom. If there is a move-in checklist attached, both must initial the bottom as well.