Michigan Month to Month Rental Agreement Template

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The Michigan Month-to-Month Lease Agreement Template is a residential contract that is legally compliant with Michigan Legislature’s Section 554.134. In addition to the required contents, this document shall also cover general concerns that any individual entering a lease agreement wish to be addressed. Of course, there will be subject matter that is specific to the situation. In these case, some attention will be required to solidify the agreement with definitions that relate to the parties and the property being leased.

Minimum Termination Period – 30 days

Laws – § 554.134

How to Write

Step 1 – In the first paragraph enter the calendar day, month, and year of the lease agreement. Then, in the blank space on the third line, enter the name of the Landlord. The last blank space of this paragraph will need the name of the Tenant entered.

Step 2 – In the second paragraph, define the county this property is located in on the first blank space available. Then on the following line enter the street address of the property.

Step 3 – In the first item (“Term”), locate the first blank space then proceed to list the appliances/furnishings). The second blank space of this paragraph requires the calendar day of the month the lease will renew. On the last two blank spaces, enter the month and year of this agreement shall go into effect (in that order).

Step 4 – The “Rent” item shall have two blank spaces on the first line. Write out the monthly rent amount in the first one then input it as a number in the second one.  The third blank space must have the calendar day of the month the rent is due. The final two blank spaces will require the monthly rent amount entered as well.

Step 5 – In “Damage Deposit,” enter the security deposit amount the Tenant will give the landlord to hold for the duration of the lease.

Step 6 – In the section labeled “Cleaning Fee,” report the amount of money a Tenant must pay the landlord for the cleaning service employed after the Tenant has moved out.

Step 7 – In Item 4, enter the full name of each individual who shall live with the Tenant on the property during this lease.

Step 8 – Item 10 (“Utilities) will contain two blank spaces that shall require the portion of rent used to cover utilities. Write this portion amount in these two blank lines, then define which utility/service it refers to in the table below it. This means if the landlord is offering to pay for this utility/service (according to the conditions set forth) place a check mark next to the word “included” on that utility/service’s line. If not select “not included.” The utility/services marked as “not included” shall be paid for solely by the Tenant.

Step 9 – In the item labeled “Animals,” enter the number of animals the Tenant shall be allowed to keep as pets on the property, then enter the deposit amount which shall be considered the ‘pet deposit.’ Finally, the last blank space will need the non-refundable pet cleaning fee entered.

Step 10 – The “Late Charge” item shall require two numbers. The first will be the initial penalty a Tenant who has not paid rent by the due date must pay. Place this next to the first dollar sign. The second dollar sign requires the amount that will be charged on a daily basis while the rent remains unpaid.

Step 11 – Locate the section labeled “Notice.” On the first line, the Landlord will need to report an official address where notices regarding the property may be sent. This should include the Name, Address, and Phone Number of the Landlord. On the second blank line, the Tenant will also need to provide a reliable means to receive notices. This, too, should include the Tenant’s Full Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Step 12 – Any additional terms and conditions both parties agree should be part of this contract must be entered in Item 33 (“Additional Provisions: Disclosures”).

Step 13 – The bottom of this contract will require that both Landlord and Tenant enter the date, sign their names, print their names, and date their signatures.