Mississippi Commercial Lease Agreement Form

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The Mississippi Commercial Lease Agreement Form is a convenient method for solidifying a property rental arrangement between a Commercial Property Owner and the Commercial Entity leasing the property. Commercial agreements are not the same as residential agreements, however, all such leases must be adherent to Mississippi Code Title 75 Chapter 2A (Uniform Commercial Code – Leases. This document will satisfy the requirements of these laws and cover the general considerations necessary for a comprehensive lease, and provide opportunities for situation specific negotiables to be recorded. Arguably, filling in these negotiables correctly is a crucial part of a successful process. Thus, the negotiables entered, such as the rent or the time period the agreement remains in effect, should be the result of a frank discussion and full agreement between both the Lessor of the commercial property and the lessee. Once these negotiable elements have been set into the contract form and the parties have signed the document, it becomes binding upon the signature parties. Each party’s signature will represent that he/she has read the lease and is willing to live up to the obligations outlined within it as of a certain date for the duration of its lifetime.