Mississippi Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Mississippi sublease agreement gives both the sub-lessor and sub-lessee the ability to put their sublet rental arrangement in writing. A sublease contract acts as a security precaution for both parties as well as the property owner/manager, who shall have to consent to the sublet living arrangement by providing their signature on the sublease. However, the sub-lessee and property owner/manager are not bound directly by contract. Generally, the primary purpose of this type of lease aims to help the sub-lessor in meeting the demands of the master lease that is in place with the property manager. The sub-lessor may find this to be necessary for various reasons. For instance, the sub-lessor may be looking to move from the property but wishes not to break their lease before its end date. Mississippi State Law (Mississippi Code Title 89 – Real and Personal Property) expects the sub-lessor to fulfill lease requirements with the landlord for the entirety of the lease term. By subletting the space to a third party (sub-lessee), the original tenant may fulfill obligations while not being bound to the property.

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