Montana Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Montana Commercial Lease Agreement Template documents the parameters required to enter commercial property rental contract. Such a contract form is useful in that it will capture the agreed-upon terms and conditions a Commercial Property Owner and Commercial Tenant wish to adhere to in order to receive the benefits of entering such a contract. This serves as a method to both promote a good Landlord-Tenant relationship as well as provide a sense of security. After all, this is a legal contract and once it has been signed and dated by all parties involved it will be enforceable in a court of law. That is, if a party violates the terms and conditions and refuses to rectify the situation, the offended party may take the matter up in court where the violator may be compelled to live up to his/her obligations.

This lease will outline these terms and conditions across twenty-four sections some of which will require considerable attention. However, it should be noted this is a standard commercial lease. Thus, while it will cover the common points of such leases and remain in compliance with Montana State Law, there will be ample opportunity through the negotiables to cater this lease to the needs of the signature parties and property concerned. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to name any attached documents that will be considered part of the signature party agreement and under its power.