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New Hampshire Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

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New Hampshire Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

Updated August 07, 2023

A New Hampshire month-to-month rental agreement is a contract between a landlord and tenant that can be terminated with a minimum of 30 days’ notice. Also known as a ‘tenancy at-will’, this type of arrangement is for a short-term arrangement or if both parties do not know when the tenancy will end. This is common if the landlord is seeking to sell or do construction on the premises and cannot commit to a long-term agreement.


Security Deposit Receipt – It is required that if the landlord collects a security deposit that a receipt is given to the tenant including the name of the financial institution where the money is held.

Move-in Checklist – Within five (5) days of occupancy, the landlord and tenant are required to inspect and write down any needed repairs or maintenance on the premises. This is to protect the tenant’s security deposit at the time of move-out.


Minimum Termination Period – 30 days

Laws – § 540:11(2)


Lease Termination Letter – To be used by a landlord or tenant when sending a notice to the other party to cancel and terminate a month-to-month lease.

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