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New Hampshire Standard (1-Year) Residential Lease Agreement

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New Hampshire Standard (1-Year) Residential Lease Agreement

Updated February 06, 2023

A New Hampshire standard residential lease agreement is a contract used to legally bind a landlord and tenant for the use of a rental property. The term is a fixed start and end date, usually for a period of one (1) year, with the tenant paying rent on the 1st of every month during the course of the lease. Prior to lease signing, the landlord will commonly verify the tenant’s income and employment through a rental application. The verification will cost the tenant a small fee and, once approved, a lease will be made and signed.


Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Federal law that required this attachment to any lease where the structure of the property was built prior to 1978.

Move-in Checklist (RSA 540-A:6(I)(c)) – If the landlord accepts a security deposit from the tenant, they must provide a written list of the conditions of the rental unit within five (5) days of occupancy.

Security Deposit Receipt (RSA 540-A:6(I)(b)) – If the tenant pays a security deposit in any other method except by check, the landlord must provide the tenant with a receipt naming the bank where it’s deposited within five (5) days of occupancy.


LawsChapter 540 (Actions Against Tenants)

HandbookNew Consumer’s New Hampshire Sourcebook