New Jersey Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The New Jersey Commercial Lease Agreement is a legal document, unlike a residential lease agreement, that is designed and is written between an owner of retail property for lease and a business owner that is operating as an individual or an entity. The landlord will generally suit the premises to best fit the needs of the business owner so that the lessee will have the ability to install any necessary equipment and/or fixtures needed to properly run their business or create the environment required for their business. Since there is usually such an extraordinary investment involved for both parties, it’s not at all unusual for the landlord to run a credit check with regard to the principals of the interested entity for the purpose of reviewing the history of the entity, with the Secretary of State’s Office. As well, the prospective tenant will most likely request a long term lease, usually 3 to 5 years.

They may also prefer to request an option to renew at their sole discretion annually or otherwise. If either party is unable to properly understand or if at any point either party us unclear with regard to any aspect of this agreement, it may be wise to work with their respective attorney to clarify any portion of the agreement.