Nevada Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Nevada Commercial Lease Agreement Template is a readily generated contract form a Commercial Property Owner may use to provide a written agreement to a Commercial Tenant.

Commercial property can be a valuable investment for the owner, especially if the right property is matched with the right tenant. Such an arrangement may provide reliable income for a property owner for whatever length of time he or she has agreed to rent the property to the Commercial Tenant. This is typically one year however, ultimately, these two parties may agree to any length of time they wish. This is one of the negotiables in this document which will need defining. It should be kept in mind when setting the negotiables in this contract, that each one must be the result of an agreement between the Commercial Landlord and the Commercial Tenant. This will help avoid any future misunderstandings or having to go back to the drawing board.

This document will contain quite a few items in addition to the ones previously mentioned that will require such attention as well as provide the information necessary for both parties to act in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 118C – Landlord and Tenant: Commercial Premises. Once this agreement is signed and notarized by both parties it will be expected to be upheld for the duration of its active dates.