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Ohio Sublease Agreement Template

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Ohio Sublease Agreement Template

Updated August 08, 2023

An Ohio sublease agreement is a rental contract between a current tenant (sub-lessor) and a new tenant (sub-lessee) who will sublet some or all of the rental property. Given the property owner’s consent, a sublease arrangement gives the sub-lessee the right to share the premises with the sub-lessor or completely occupy the residence. Sub-lessors typically use this opportunity to move out of the unit prematurely without breaking their lease with the property owner, as the sub-lessee would assume rental costs. Sub-lessees pay their rent directly to the sub-lessor; the sub-lessor then utilizes those payments to fulfill their financial obligations to the property owner. Property owners or landlords will continue to hold the initial tenant responsible for the rental amount as well as any damages to the premises, including any damages that the sub-lessee may have caused. All parties should carefully read and consider the sublease terms and conditions before signing the document into effect.

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