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Oklahoma Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Oklahoma Standard Residential Lease Agreement

Updated August 02, 2022

An Oklahoma standard residential lease agreement is a basic contract between a landlord and tenant outlining the terms and conditions for renting property. This particular agreement outlines the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant(s) for a fixed-term period, usually 1-year. The lease will also provide all of the necessary information pertaining to rules, regulations, and costs of acquisition and maintenance of the unit.

The landlord is recommended, before signing a lease, to elect the tenant to complete a rental application and give their consent to run a credit check.

Laws – Title 41 (Landlord and Tenant)

HandbookWhat Are Your Rights and Duties as a Tenant? (PDF)


Flood Disclosure Form (§ 41-113a) – Must be attached if the landlord is aware of the property flooding in the last five (5) years.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Required under federal law to be completed by the landlord if the structure on the property was built prior to 1978.

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