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Oregon Lease Termination Letter Template | 30-Day Notice

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Oregon Lease Termination Letter Template | 30-Day Notice

Updated January 09, 2024

An Oregon Lease Termination Letter is a legal document that either a landlord or a tenant may use to provide notice that the end of a tenancy is approaching. This is a simple document that once it’s been served places you in compliance with the law with regard to proper notice. Complete the document appropriately and either send it to the lessor or lessee or deliver it.

Rental History Form (§ 30.01.087(F)) (City of Portland ONLY) – Must be completed by the landlord within five (5) business days after the termination of a lease. The form provides a written detailed ledger of rent paid for months during the last two (2) years of tenancy.

Laws – O.R.S. § 90.427(3)

Notice Period – In the State of Oregon, a Tenant must provide at least thirty (30) days prior to the date designated in the notice. A Landlord can also provide thirty (30) days’ notice at any time during the first year of occupancy. However, at any time after the first year of occupancy, the Landlord may terminate the tenancy only for a “tenant cause” or under the reasons found in subsection (5) of O.R.S. § 90.427. The notice must be at least ninety (90) days when terminating a tenancy pursuant to subsection (5) of 90.427.

Veterans (§§ 408.515§ 90.391) – Notices sent or served on veterans must contain the required statements on relief and assistance programs.